N utriGrown, an emerging company, has exclusively licensed a new “green” technology from the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS).  ARS researchers have demonstrated that their matrix-based plant nutrient formulations “Reduce Nitrate and Phosphate Leaching” by up to 86% compared to slow-release fertilizers, including the best selling plastic coated beads.  Less nutrient leaching and runoff means less polluted waterways, and a greener environment. Greenz Planet-Mix Products are Natural Fertilizers: 100% of the ingredients naturally occur in nature.


The new Greenz matrix based system uses ion exchange mechanisms that mimic natural soil processes, yielding a more consistent release over time.- Dr. James Entry and Dr. R. E. Sojka, USDA Inventors (retired)


W e are targeting three major sources of nutrient runoff: gardens, lawns, and agriculture. NutriGrown’s first two products are Greenz Planet-Mix™ Flower & Vegetable and Greenz Planet-Mix™ Outdoor and Indoor. They will be followed by our Greenz Planet-Turf™ for lawns and Greenz Planet-Hold™ for agricultural applications.  Help us realize our goal of building a greener tomorrow.  A portion of our profits will be donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.